Alexandria FYI

  • The city of Alexandria has a 6-year election calendar available here.

  • Our two U.S. Senators representing all of Virginia are elected for 6 year terms.  Their terms and elections are staggered (not held in the same year).
  • The entire City of Alexandria is located in the 8th Congressional District.  Members of Congress are elected every two years, in even-numbered years (2020, 2022, etc.)

  • Virginia's General Assembly is made up of 40 Senators and 100 Delegates.

  • Alexandria City is represented at the state level in:

                 - Senate Districts 30, 35, and 39
                 - House of Delegates Districts 45 and 46

  • Voters in Virginia do not register by political party.  This means that the number of Republicans in the Commonwealth and each of its cities and counties can only be estimated.

  • Alexandria City's Mayor is selected by direct election every three years at the same time as the remainder of the City Council (see below). 

  • Elections for City Council allow voters to vote for 6 names to fill the 6 at-large seats on City Council (the seventh seat is the Mayor's seat which is described above).  The City's Vice-mayor is the City Council candidate who received the most votes in the City Council election.

NOTE: If Republican voters want Republicans to win seats on City Council, they should vote ONLY for Republican candidates and not vote for any other candidates. That may mean you only vote (for example)  for three candidates.

  • Presently, there are no Republicans holding elected office representing Alexandria at any level of government (except for nationally-elected President Trump and Vice President Pence).  We are a political minority with no elected representation at the local or state levels of government, or in the US House of Representatives or US Senate.

NOTE: Parts of Fairfax County have an Alexandria address, but they are not located within the boundaries of the City of Alexandria for voting or other purposes.