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Home of Linda Greenberg
February 15 at 1:00 p.m.
Profiles in Corruption 
A Time to Build
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The CRWC Book Club was founded in September, 2017 by Susan Yonts-Shepard, past president of CRWC, the club's Twitter afficionado, and staunch defender of the conservative way of life.
The book club's goal is to read books about, by, and for conservatives on all of the important issues of the day.
We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Members may bring their own lunch.  The hostess of the month provides drinks. 

2020 Schedule

January ........ Kimberley Strassel,Resistance (at all costs)
February .....  Peter Schweizer, Profiles in Corruption
​                         Yuval Levin, A Time to Build​​
March ............TBA
April .............. TBA
May  .............. TBA
June  .............. TBA

September .... TBA
October ......... TBA
November ..... TBA
December ..... TBA
Book Exchange: Feel free to bring to the meeting books you no longer want to exchange for books others bring. Any genre, biographies, mysteries, fiction, non- fiction; it doesn’t matter, someone will want them!

Prior Meetings

October 26, 2019
Home of Susan Yonts-Shephard
Open Borders Inc. Who's Funding America's Destruction by Michelle Malkin

This month, the Book Club tackled Michelle Malkin’s book, Open Borders, Inc. Malkin believes and discovered it is largely true to follow the money and you will discover who or what is behind the insurgence of illegals at the US southern border. 
Her book discloses that the individuals and organizations behind this “movement” all say they are doing it in the name of “compassion” but they are really driven by profit and are in fact making money off these poor people. She says they are undoing the rule of law while making money off the backs of illegal aliens, refugees and low-wage guest workers. 
Her investigation led to the following organizations: The Catholic Church, which staffs and financially supports the “Catholic Relief Migration and Refugee Service” which maintains a network of people who help illegals disappear within our borders; Doctors Without Borders is part of that network. Her book is filled with documentation and makes a compelling case to end illegal immigration or lose the Country.