Information for Candidates

Thinking about running for office? -- Do your homework now.
Links to Important Information
for Prospective Candidates
  • ​​Get involved in our community (non-profits, advisory boards, etc.) and show involvement, commitment, and leadership.  Get to know the movers and shakers in the community.

  • Work on another candidate's campaign before you run to learn the ins and outs of campaigning while making key contacts.

  • Develop some expertise on issues.

  • Start planning your team:  Campaign Manager, Campaign Treasurer, and volunteers.

  • Develop your issues platform. What will you stand for?

  • Monitor the voting history of your Democrat opponent.  Why should you replace him/her?

  • Learn the requirements for getting on the ballot.  For example, how many signatures will you need?  (Hint:  Get many more signatures than are needed in case the official verification process eliminates some signatures as being invalid.)  What are the filing deadlines?  Etc.

  • Develop & practice your 'stump speech' that you will give whenever you have a speaking engagement in front of a group for the first time.  
  • Talk to (and join) the local Republican Party and CRWC.  We are here to help you work through the campaign process, as appropriate.  

Note: The Republican Party cannot endorse or assist candidates' campaigns until they are determined to be the nominee, usually by winning a primary or similar process.  This ensures that all Republican candidates are treated equally.